How To Identify A Fake Palmist

These days it has become a fashion to study palmistry. Just like an amateur physician should never undertake a serious operation, an amateur palmist should never foretell the future but rather, till his expertise is attained, pertain to polishing his predictive faculties by matching past events alone. However, in the real world we come across many palmists who do not believe in this rule. They read a few books, observe a few hands and start predicting, causing not only the subject of hand reading lot of defamation, but also endanger the lives and sentiments of his clients.

Here are some of the points that come in my mind when I think of identifying a false palmist from a true one.

1. If the palmist cannot tell you anything about your innermost character or past events correctly.

2. If the palmist makes huge unbelievable claims like he can guarantee you a job or success in lottery etc.

3. If the palmist tries to scare you by telling future events which could be dangerous. A real palmist finds positivism in the worst of hands..

4. If he suggests gemstones for remedies which should be bought only from him and nowhere else, then most possibly he is faking it. Good quality gemstones are available in many reliable jewelry shops, its not the property of any single individual.

5. If he shows less interest in the subject but carries on with his lecture without even studying the subject meticulously.

6. If he shows a total disrespect towards other streams of hand-reading or towards other fellow-palmists.

7. If, in spite of some of his past predictions coming out to be false, he carries adamantly the notion that his predictions were correct…to make ends meet somehow..

8.  He asks you directly about your past events and then after a span of time explains through palmistry the same events which you had told him earlier.

9. If he does not analyze both of the subject’s hands carefully. (On exceptional cases, some palmists may foretell the future without seeing both hands, but this is not a common feat).

10. Always prefers to suggest remedies which are expensive rather than practically, logically and easily feasible.


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If you can think of some more points, kindly mention them as comments. I will try to include them in the list. It will immensely benefit those who suffer from fake palmists..


Hand of a Deaf Painter

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Long time I have posted anything here. So now I have come up with the rare hand pics of an expert artist and painter who is deaf from birth. He was like a child prodigy and his talent in painting and sketching was identified from the time he was a young boy. He has married now and his age could be about 40. He is right handed.

Left Hand

Left Hand

Above is his left hand. Observe how the head line is forming a clear and big island which is indicative of hearing problems. Though in the right hand the island is not there but a huge island in the left hand means possibility of hearing problems will be there in the native.  Based on my observations if the subject has such kind of island in left hand rather than right, the hearing defect is inborn and not acquired over time. Whereas, if such a sign be on the right hand alone, it could be possible that the subject has acquired the defect somehow.

Right Hand

Right Hand

I am sharing the hand pics of another person who has hearing problems and is right handed but his hearing problems indicated by island under head line is present in his left and not in his right hand.

Right Hand

Right hand shows to such indication.

From his left hand we can clearly visualize the island under his head line in his left hand as shown below:

Left hand

Left hand shows clear island under head line..

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that for identifying hearing problems, the importance of seeing the left hand for special signs is a must, along with the right hand, if not more.

If the islands in both the cases are difficult to identify, please drop me a comment, I will post edited pictures of the hands adding the markings where the islands reside.

Update: I am adding the marked pic of the deaf painter for easy understanding..


Note: Simply islands of any size on any location in head line does <u>not</u> always indicate hearing troubles. Sometimes small islands in head lines indicate arranged marriage, hurt to the head, failure etc. For the island in head line to indicate hearing problems, it must be considerably bige  in size.


Palm Reader

Palmistry tips for HR Executives (Recruitment Interview Process)

It is quite interesting that sometimes we have everything at hand yet fail to recognize them and end up making no use at all. Such a thing has become of palmistry in some fields where it could have contributed a lot. Palmistry can be applied effectively and smartly in these fields: (And believe me, you do not need to be an expert to benefit from palmistry so long as you want to know only certain things about the subject which those fields demand)

1. Choosing higher study field (own country or abroad education/mba/gre/IAS etc)

2. Choosing a room-mate for sharing purposes (of course if you have the option to choose, and it’s very common in developing countries like India)

3. Choosing when to switch jobs

4. To the HR during recruitment of an employee.

The list could be really quite long even if we leave aside superstitious cases like “Find out lucky day/color and choose exam date”. The list mentioned above stems from the very basic elementary study of Hand reading and, with a little study, can be perfected in very short time to give rich and accurate dividends.

We will discuss only the last part in our theoretical discussion: Benefit of Palmistry to the HR executive for selection of an employee in a pivotal role in the company

The job profiles for which the requirement could arise from might be many and we will discuss here the points which should adhere generally to all positions and requirements. We should take for granted we know the age of the interviewee.

1. Candidate is really looking for a job change: Employee really is interested in the job offer i.e if he is handed over the offer letter, he will take it. This can be guaranteed by the honesty of the applicant and the current stage he is in his life. For this, check his thumb and head line. If his head line is unlike a curvy snake and his thumb is not pointed either, there are fair bit of chances that the candidate is genuinely interested in the offer and is not an impulsive flirt (in regards to changing jobs). Check also in his fate line if at his corresponding age, there is any kind of shift of the line or even an overlapping break.

2. Candidate is not under financial crisis; he is not simply interested in the job to pay back his debts: Monetary crisis could be one of the sole reasons an employee might want a better paying job. While looking for a higher paying job is quite natural, to seek for a job just to pay back ones debts will indicate that the candidate is not interested in the profile, rather it’s only the money. For this, check for small small dots or corrugations under the head line. Check also if the fate line at that point is getting thicker, fate and losing its sharpness.  Also check if there is any small branch of head line that’s curving back inwards – age to be marked on the head line (this shows subject is undergoing acute tension, could be financial). If any of these points apply, it could be assumed the candidate’s interest in the job profile is that only of money.

3. Candidate has education or job gaps/ providing fake experience certificate: This point holds true mostly when some economic recession is underway and many people have lost their jobs. In these situations, candidates might, by hook or crook, get themselves a fake experience certificate to hide the gap in their professional career or even a drop-out gap in their educational career. For this, check if, either in the fate line or life line, there is a break and that there is no overlap or connection between the initial and final positions of the gap. Because if such a sign exists, the candidate surely has overcome a gap in either his/her career or education. Beware!! This sign is of critical importance to the HR executive. Also it needs some practice as to age determination from the head line.

4. Candidate is over-sentimental and hard to deal with : Such people will pose threats in any existing team they join. HR executives should be wary of such candidates and smartly apply palmistry rules to detect correctly. For this, check if the fingers are too supple, palm/thumb too flexible/back-bending. Fingers should not be highly pointed. Also look for any ‘sets’ of signs that are not compatible – for e.g pointed fingers with spatulate finger nails (widening at the ends) or long thin palm with missing fate or sun lines.

Note: I do not have such a hand pic right now. I will post one as soon I have.

Again, the list could be quite long, but it should suffice as a general reference to avoid unnecessary problems later on. I would be glad if any HR executive applies and benefits from these rules. Do comment if you want to suggest some changes or add some more points. Questions are welcome too!

Happy reading!

Palm pic of Katrina Kaif shows instability between parents during very young age.

As per wiki,

Kaif was born to an Indian Kashmiri father,Mohammed Kaif, and an English mother, Susanna Turcotte, both of whom are British citizens. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Kaif once stated, “My dad, unfortunately, and not out of choice, has had no influence on our upbringing, on our religious or social or moral bearings.”

As can be clearly seen in the picture below, there is a clear fork in the fate line of Katrina Kaif’s right hand, which is her active hand. The fork appears in the beginning stages of her life since age is calculated in the fate line from the bottom, as per palmistry. Such a small fork at the base of a fate line is indicative of adoption of the subject, divorce of subject’s parents, financial instability when the subject was young etc. It may mean any of these things depending upon other signs in the hand.

Another case study where the subject was adopted in his early childhood by his grand-mother. Notice clearly the fork in the fate line at the same age.




Sonia Gandhi’s Hand Showing Affinity towards Two countries

About the Subject:

Sonia Gandhi aka Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. Wiki President of Congress, Indian Political Party currently running the Govt. Originally born in Italy.





Multiple Sun lines:

The edited picture (observe mark “A”) to the right shows the presence of two sun lines which probably indicates an affinity towards two distinct things related to popularity/fame. In her case, it could be dual citizenship – Indian and Italian. Of course this information is not enough to come to a particular conclusion in this regard because the hand pic is itself not very clear, and hence let it just remain a possibility.

Merging Sun Lines:

Somehow I can see these parallel sun lines are merging at the Saturn mount, if observed carefully. There are two bar like signs also at their termination. It might indicate that the issue of her dual identities will end in turmoil (more so because the Sun lines are merging at the Saturn mount rather than at the Sun mount which is otherwise their normal seat of ending; Saturn = seat for termination) with Sonia Gandhi, possibly, having to sacrifice one for the other. Only time will tell if and how that will be done.

Have a Better Pic?

Please feel free to share any better Sonia Gandhi’s hand pic if you have, in the comment section.

How to Benefit from a Hand Reading of a Celebrity

Most palmistry enthusiasts believe that celebrities hand contain the information which explains their fame. Even, astrologers believe that is true when reading the charts of such people. To a great extent it could be true. A deep analysis of the birth charts (natal charts) of celebrities has revealed that there is almost always at least one or many excellent combination/s of stars which is not often found in the hands of common men and women. The same might hold true in palmistry.

But, the question is, how do we palmists benefit from hand reading of celebrities?

1) Generally it has been observed that palmistry lovers analyze a celebrity’s hands knowing well in advance whose hand they are observing. In this way, they already have the information in the back of their minds and the palmistry analysis only explains the obvious – the celebrity’s known facts in real life.

2) Most pictures of celebrities are not clear enough for a complete analysis as compared to common people’s hand pictures. This means the armory we have is reduced and we have to do with whatever information these hazy pictures contain.

3) As a result, palmistry enthusiasts try to explain too many known things from too little information in the hand. Examples of such analysis are these

Rani Mukherji’s hand analysis: The article claims to explain Rani’s each detail about the actor though, the picture from where the hand analyst was analyzing is too hazy. Obviously, if we have too little information from the hand pics, we have to explain many things just from all the hoard of information we have about the celebrity from real life. For e.g, in this article, the analyst mentions that Rani possesses small fingers; but the picture from where the inference was draw had Rani waving her hand in such a fashion that the base of her hand was tilted forward and in such a position all hands will appear to have smaller fingers! The discussions that follow in the blog are all related to real life interpretations and NOT palmistry facts.

Another case: hand analysis of President Mr Obama which does not throw any other light on the subject other than facts billions of people all over the globe know already. If we know in advance whose hand it is and additionally if that picture can only show three basic lines, there is not much we can expect from such analysis.

For e.g, this picture is too hazy for any kind of palmistry reading. The hand is titled backwards giving the impression of small fingers.

The ideal way to read the hand of a celebrity with the aim of learning   something from the analysis, would be to challenge each other by hiding the owner of the hand and forcing the analysis to guess the owner of the hand by giving some options. Such challenges are unwelcome for people who already believe they have a great palmistry knowledge for the fear of failure, but surely for those whose only aim is learning, such challenges should be more than welcome.

Please join our facebook palmistry group for such informative challenges on celebrity hand pics. For an invite (this is a secret group and not visible to public) please drop your facebook profile link in comment.

Hand Analysis of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Osho

To brief about Osho from wiki,

A professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker. His outspoken criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalisedreligions made him controversial. He also advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality: a stance that earned him the sobriquet “sex guru” in the Indian and later international press. In 1970, Osho settled for a while in Bombay. He began initiating disciples (known as neo-sannyasins) and took on the role of a spiritual teacher. In his discourses, he reinterpreted writings of religious traditions, mystics, and philosophers from around the world. Moving to Poona in 1974, he established an ashramthat attracted increasing numbers of Westerners. The ashram offered therapies derived from the Human Potential Movement to its Western audience and made news in India and abroad, chiefly because of its permissive climate and Osho’s provocative lectures. By the end of the 1970s, there were mounting tensions with the Indian government and the surrounding society.

I am posting two images of his right hand – one that is unedited, and another, that is edited by me for emphasizing some important points for our palmistry discussion.


Specialties in his hand:

a) Head line ending in percussion. Indicates aggressive nature of arguments. As per Wiki on Osho,

In his school years he was a rebellious, but gifted student, and acquired a reputation as a formidable debater.

Not everyone with a headline ending in percussion might be a strong debater, because we need to see cautiously the mount of Jupiter, the thumb and forefinger among other things, but since since these points cannot be clearly defined in whatever the pic offers, we have to go by the strongest indication of logic i.e head line extending till percussion as a vital indication of strong logic. Such people never tends to yield to logic and reason and at some point they become that much fanatic in guarding their standpoint, that even though they stop believing in their own stance, they keep arguing just for the love of arguing.

b) Head line and Life line joined towards a considerable distance: Indicates great indecision or rather that intelligence is intertwined with life in such a way that the intelligence is spent only for the sustenance (indicated by life line) of the subject. Notably, such headlines generally fall towards Luna mount but in this case, it travels straight towards percussion. This is an exception and in such cases, even though the subject suffers from indecision (due to some reason) in his childhood, he regains his independent thinking later in his life to such an extent that it turns to violation of existing norms and sometimes lead to disbelief in law and disrespect of customs.

As per Wiki, Osho had broken many laws both in India, his native, and abroad.

c) Islands A and E in Life Line:  One should be during his early childhood. This explains till the age of 7, his parents kept him away from them under the custody of his grandpa. From wiki

“His parents Babulal and Saraswati Jain, who were Taranpanthi Jains, let him live with his maternal grandparents until he was seven years old”

“When he was seven years old, his grandfather died, and he went to Gadarwara to live with his parents.[12][17] Osho was profoundly affected by his grandfather’s death, and again by the death of his childhood girlfriend and cousin Shashi from typhoid when he was 15, leading to a preoccupation with death that lasted throughout much of his childhood and youth”

The wiki reference explains the joining of life and head lines and the second island which, in his real life, indicates he was in a deep state of shock and ‘preoccupation with death’ as an after effect of the death of his grandpa and childhood girlfriend/cousin. This state continued till his youth. The joining of his head and life line also continues till his youth.

Often such people (who has head and life line joined for long time and a simian or straight head line) get overtly/hyper freedom seeking individual once that initial period of youth is over. That is because due to some reason or the other their freedom was not expressed in childhood, and they make sure they get every bit of it later in their lives.

d) Clear rectangle at the end of head line: This (rectangle at the end of head line) is clearly explained in the book called Practical Palmistry by Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali in page number 134, point 56.

“If there is a rectangle at the end of this line (head line), the person can attain success in foreign countries”

Osho ofcourse had attained stupendous success abroad and had a mass following there more than in India.

Obama’s hand reveals controversial career

Hi Friends,

Recently I came across the hand picture of US President Mr Barack Obama in a facebook group related to palmistry. Rather than commenting there only, I thought it would be wiser to share the analysis in my blog. So here it is:

Rather wasting time discussing which feature in his hand shows he is the most powerful political figure in the world, I would like to say his sun line in both the hands is positioned in an awkward manner which shows (at least as per hand reading) his career has been and will be full of controversies. Observe in his hand right, clear island-ish formation of sun line. Even in his left hand, we can see the sun line is cut many a time indication loss of fame through controversy. For timing of age, it comes to his 27th age when the controversies began. This makes me wonder if the accusations made against him hold true in the real world? Well for the skeptics: only time will tell.  Thanks for reading my blog post. Sorry if anything hurt your feelings. This is purely from the point of hand reading and nothing else… Do share your views and feedback.



Baba Ramdev’s Hand showing property/wealth ‘inheritance’ (from followers)

I am posting a pic of respected Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s hand pic which has actually two pics combined into one showing quite clearly that there is a faint line running parallel to head line indicating the iconic yoga guru will inherit lot of wealth and property (most possibly from his followers).

I have marked in both the right and left pictures the parallel head line which, in palmistry terms, is one of the signs of wealth or property inheritance.

Thanks to all for your interest and viewing 🙂 Good Speed! 🙂

Hand of a Selfish and sarcastic nature individual

Head line and heart line gap is too narrow

Click on the picture to enlarge in a new window

It is the hand of an engineer, aged about 23, right handed. His hobbies include poetry. Notice the greater development in the moon and venus mount. There is no particular line as such but these two mounts clearly imagination and romance is greatly developed in this hand as compared to others in general.

Also observe the head line is short, straight and when it ends, it bends upwards towards the heart line. Whenever the gap between head line and heart line is unusually short, remember such people are selfish and often sarcastic in nature.

The knowledge of whether in a particular hand the gap between heart and head line is sufficient will only come by seeing quite some hands in real life.